W.M.A. Cannon Project

The WMA Site resolution was passed by Alton City Council on Tuesday, November 26th.  The resolution states that the account will be called:  “Western Military Academy Memorial Site Fund”.  Money will be kept in that fund and expended as directed by the ad hoc committee yet to be named by the mayor.  The committee will make recommendations to the city council for expenditures from the fund for specific projects to renovate, restore or maintain the Western Military Academy site.  Upon a positive recommendation from the Western Military committee the city council will approve the expenditure. 
Checks should be made payable to “Western Military Academy Memorial Site Fund”.  Any comments regarding a specific project should be directed toward the committee (yet to be named). Checks can be sent to Cindy Roth, Alton City Treasurer, 101 E. Third Street, Alton, IL, 62002. Cindy can be reached at (618) 463-3540 is you have any questions regarding the account.

We are working with the City of Alton and Carrie A. Williams of the Army Donations Office, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command on getting a cannon for City of Alton's W.M.A. park. Matt Asselmeier is heading up this application process for the City of Alton. An account is being setup with the City for donations towards the canon project. - Bo Jackson

Matthew H. Asselmeier, MPA, AICP
Deputy Director
Department of Development and Housing
City of Alton, Illinois
101 E. Third Street
Alton, IL  62002
PH:       618-463-3532
FAX:     618-463-0972

The Army doesn't currently have any pieces of equipment available. A large majority of what does become available is coming from organizations that are closing or combining with others, at which time they redistribute the pieces. At times, a military installation will have equipment that they will turn over to the Army Donations Office, but this isn't as common.

Because we don't know what type of equipment will become available, where it is currently located, whether it has been demilitarized, the size needed for the display pad, whether it is at a military installation, etc, the Army can't give us a firm a cost estimate.

Below is a sample of the donation form.

Please identify maximum dollar amount that you are prepared to pay for demilitarization/radiological and release costs (check one): 
$0                    Not to Exceed $1000           Not to Exceed $10,000        Exceeds $10,001

Transportation of an item will be at your expense via a commercial carrier.  Combat equipment can be located throughout the Continental United States of America, distance from current location to display site will vary.  This cost will be dependent upon the commercial carrier you hire to move the item for you and the distance from its current location to your display site.     _____ (Initial)

Due to the distance combat equipment may have to be transported and associated costs, please identify the distance your organization is willing to consider for an offer (check one):              With-in State             With-in Region               No prohibition on distance


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