Western Did Not Make The 2011 Top Ten Endangered Historic Sites List


  I have some disappointing news to share with you. Earlier in the month CB Jackson received a phone call from an Illinois Landmarks representative. Western had not been selected by the organization to be on the 10 most endangered sites list for the year 2011. She explained that the main reason or application was put off until next year was because Western lacked the "immediacy" of the others.
 The fact that MVCS was in operation was a factor. Our campus "social history" was exceptional while our "physical history" was good. The rep said that they wanted to help and all of the organizations resources were available for us at any time. Our application stays in the loop and will be considered again next year. Finally she had some suggestions about the City of Alton's role in this process that CB will try to follow up on. Our main fear is that without proper maintenance the Admin building will become a project that many will deem too big to take on.
  Thanks for your support. I will keep you apprised of any new developments.

Bo Jackson

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