Western is fortunate in having a girls' college like Monticello situated so close to our school. We are deeply appreciative of what they add to our life. This year both schools have cooperated in having many delightful social affairs together. "Monty" always has a group of attractive girls who are ready to contribute charm and pleasure to any event.
    This fall, students of both schools have attended the large dances given at Monticello or at Western. They went on the boat trip together. The "Monty" girls have been present at all Saturday night informal dances, making them more successful than ever before. A new practice this year has permitted cadets to invite some of the young ladies to Western to dinner, and Monticello has reciprocated. When the two schools have similar activities, such as swimming and horseback riding, the member of both groups often get together. And we have often been encouraged by seeing our attractive neighbors at football games and dress parades.
    Old grads tell us that such pleasant relations did not always exist. In the old days, Monticello was something only to be talked about. The girls never attended dances, social events, or boat trips with the cadets. They only time cadets saw the young ladies was at very formal receptions or teas at the college, when everyone sat around very erect and ill-at-ease. Thank heavens! that is changed. Now Monticello has won the reputation of giving delightful and well appointed social affairs.
    We hope that these enjoyable events may continue, and that nothing may mar the relationships which officials and students of both institutions have established. Here's to Monticello's future success and happiness--for, in a way, their's is identified with ours!

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