Major Gen. Carl Gray Jr,'07

                                                           Major Gen. Carl Gray Jr.
                                                           WMA Class of 1907

Western’s Carl Gray was the son of Carl Gray Sr. who was the president of the Union Pacific Railroad.  Gray was a standout cadet who graduated as the valedictorian of the Western class of 1907. He attended the University of Illinois, graduating in 1911. During WW I he earned the rank of Lt. Col. where he served with distinction as a transportation officer.

With the onset of WW II, Gray was the ideal choice to be the Director General of the entire Military Railroad Service in the European theater. His performance in this role shortened the war and, according to Gen. D.D. Eisenhower in his seminal book Crusade in Europe, “more than tripled the amount of goods moved with Yankee energy and ingenuity.” Following  World War II Gen. Gray was appointed to succeed Gen. Omar Bradley as the head of the Veterans Administration.

Carl Gray was very loyal to WMA, making several trips to visit the school and giving a graduation address to the corp. In the middle of WW II he found time to answer a letter sent from a Western cadet with these words. “I am very proud to be an alumnus of Western and opened your envelope with a great deal of anticipation. “

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