General Edwin Randle,'13

                                                      General Edwin Randle
                                                      WMA Class of 1913
Edwin Randle’s five years as a cadet at Western Military Academy were marked by a notable affinity for leadership.  Forty years after his graduation a former cadet who had been a freshman in Randle’s barracks recalled his senior superior. “Ed Randle had the affection and respect of every cadet in the corp. I am honored to have known him.”
After graduating from DePauw in 1917 entered the service in time for WW I. He was wounded three times in the battle of the Meuse-Argonne and reached the rank of Lt. Col.
During WW II, Randle’s efforts in N. Africa and Europe earned him the personal respect of George Patton and a promotion to Brigadier General. A transfer to the Pacific theater saw Randle, as commander of the 77th Infantry Division, lead forces against the Japanese on Okinawa. During that campaign he successfully recommended one of his medics for the Medal of Honor; the only conscientious objector to receive that award.
General Randle’s love for WMA never faded and years after he left the campus he wrote to the superintendent, “Fifty-two years have passed and as though it were yesterday I can see Col. A.M. Jackson enter the assembly hall to offer a prayer. I can see Major Lowe with whistle, white gloves and immaculate uniform; return the salute of every cadet.”

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