Downtown St. Louis Parade Honoring O’Hare,'32

The Corps parades in St. Louis, in honor of the return to his home city of the naval ace, Lt. Commander O'Hare. The parade was held in St. Louis. Arriving at 16th and Washington shortly before noon, Butch was guided to the back seat of a long, black open Packard, where he sat between his wife and mother.

The parade began at noon, led by a police motorcycle escort. Then came the Jefferson Barracks band, marching veterans, a truck packed with photographers, Butch's car and other open cars carrying dignitaries. Bringing up the rear were 350 students from Western Military Academy.

The next day, as Butch's mother and sisters clipped newspaper stories and photos, his place in history began to dawn on them. One headline read, "60,000 give O'Hare a hero's welcome here." The parade was compared with those honoring the St. Louis Cardinals' 1926 National League championship and Charles Lindbergh's 1927 homecoming after his New York-Paris flight.

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