Col. R.L. Jackson,'06

Col. R.L. Jackson
Ralph Leroy Jackson was born on the campus of Western Military Academy in 1888. The son of A.M. Jackson, he would die sixty four years later on the same campus, having devoted his life to the school. Ralph graduated from WMA in the class of 1906. Like his father, he received his degree from Princeton in 1911 before returning to Western. R.L. Jackson was an instructor and coach before succeeding his father as head of the institution. Colonel R.L. Jackson’s tenure at Western saw the continued evolution of the academy during the 1920’s. The depression years found WMA’s enrollment cut in half but the national appreciation of military training insured the high quality of the cadet corps. During the last two decades of his life Col. Jackson had watched a generation of Western cadets leave the campus and enter the service of their country during WW II. The extent of their sacrifice and the level of their achievements were astounding.

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