Cdr. John Dewenter, ‘45

John Robert Dewenter, Jr., Class ’45, is rapidly accumu­lating honors and decorations in the U.s. Navy.A dispatch from the Infor­mation Office, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pa., told about Navy Com­mander Dewenter receiving a gold star in lieu of a Second Distinguished Flying Cross. The dispatch went on to state: “Commander Dewenter, a student at the Army War col­lege, also received gold stars in lieu of 4th and 5th Air Med­als and a silver star in lieu of a 6th Air Medal. He also re­ceived the Navy Commenda­tion Medal. A Navy combat pilot, he received the citations for service while command­ing Attack Squadron 23 em­barked in the ‘USS Midway’ during combat strikes in Viet­nam.” The “Shrapnel” had previ­ously carried and article about Commander Dewenter’s ser­vice on the carrier “Midway.” He was formerly a member of the Navy’s “Blue Angels,” a precision flying team.

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