Capt. Rex Latham, ‘35

Capt. Rex Latham was one of the finest young men ever to graduate from Western. In character, personality, and lovable disposition he was not excelled. After a splendid career at Western, during which he was active in the band and athletics, was a superior student and a cadet officer, he graduated from the University of Michigan. He received his wings at Kelly Field, Tx, in 1941. He rose to the rank of captain and was a successful instructor. After he was assigned to take the instructor’s course in B-17 bombers his plane disappeared on a routine flight from Portland, Ore. to Las Vegas, Nev. The wrecked plane was found a year later on the side of a mountain in Arizona. The giant ship, carrying eight other men, had evidently crashed in a storm. A local rancher found the body of one soldier who had gone twenty miles on make-shift crutches before succumbing. This led to the discovery of the plane. All others had evidently been killed instantly.

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