Brigadier General Harold Funsch,'29

                                                Brigadier General Harold Funsch
                                                WMA Class of 1929
Harold Funsch, WMA class of 1929, has enjoyed an outstanding career in the U.S. Air Force. After graduating from Western in 1929, Funsch continued his education, completing St. Louis University School of Medicine in 1938. With the onset of WW II, he volunteered to serve his country. Funsch was promoted through many varied and distant positions during a steady rise through the ranks including, Wing Surgeon of the S. Atlantic Wing. Natal. Brazil., Deputy Surgeon Headquarters Air Transport Command, Washington, DC,  and Surgeon and Hospital Commander, Headquarters Command.

 While stationed in Europe following the war, Funsch initiated Little League baseball in Europe and became the league’s first commissioner. He held the same position in Japan following a promotion to the Far East Command. When he retired in 1972, Gen. Funsch was the president of the Society of USAF Flight Surgeons.
Harold Funsch was one of Westerns most active cadets. He was a star baseball player, an honor roll student and a member of the dance committee.

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